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Who is Redwood Dental Supply?

A family owned business created in 1977 by Dick & Elaine Privat dedicated to serving our customers with personalized attention and excellence. The business is now owned by Elaine, Daniel & Michele Privat since Dick's retirement in 1990, and is staffed by family & long-time friends, and we want to serve you!

We sell equipment and service it too.

Our business has long been characterized as an excellent equipment supplier from handpieces to vacuum pumps, and we specialize in tailoring equipment to meet our customer’s needs in creative and innovative ways. We are also known for being able to fix most anything!

We can help you design a new office.

We have many years of knowledge in the dental field and now with the aid of computers and partner architects we can offer you all the help you need in getting a precise floorplan that will work for you, your staff and your patients.


Personalized Service

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